WillPower – Estate Planning Online

WillPower is an online Estate Planning Service, where you can conveniently plan your estate (through Will creation, Trust creation etc.) easily online.

With WillPower, UTL Trust Management Services Limited offers a simple, easy to do and affordable solution to preparing your Will or Trusts. With just a token fee and little time, you can prepare your estate for appropriate distribution in case of any eventuality.

WillPower reduces the stress and time currently involved in planning your estate. Since the service can be accessed anywhere, at any time, it enables you to plan your estate from the comfort of your home and on the go. The service provides you with various questions which when accurately answered, will create a legal document tailored to your unique situation, for subsequent printing.


WillPower offers seamless, hassle free, flexible and secure estate planning.

Follow the steps below

WillPower allows you up-to 30 days to complete and print your draft document before it is removed from the system except in instances that UTL Trust Management Services Limited has been appointed executor or trustee. All drafts created on this website are secure and strictly confidential. You are the only one with access to it until the system is purged.

You SHOULD have or revise your existing will if;

  • 1

    You are above eighteen (18).

  • 2

    You have recently gotten married (marriage revokes any pre-existing will).

  • 3

    You have recently been divorced (divorce does not revoke any pre-existing will.

  • 4

    A person named in your Will dies or becomes incapacitated.

  • 5

    You acquire a significant asset (e.g. Real property (houses, lands, Stocks and shares/bonds Personal property (jewelry, pictures, cars, intellectual property, etc.)

  • 6

    You change your mind about one of the beneficiaries.

  • 7

    You start or get involved in a new business.

What happens if one dies without making a Will?

Dying without a will is referred to as “dying intestate”. If one dies intestate, the position of the law is:

  • Your Estate will be under the management of the State.
  • The Estate would be distributed by a court appointed Administrator in line with the statutory provision or customs for intestate succession distribution to the surviving spouse, children and relations.
  • The distribution will be in whatever manner the law of the jurisdiction or your personal custom specifies, and you will not have the chance to give assets to non-relatives or to exclude relatives.
  • If you have no relatives, your property will go to the State. Please note that Intestacy rules only relate to an individual’s assets, not assets that are jointly owned. If an asset is jointly owned, it will automatically go to the surviving spouse.

Pricing & Benefits

  • Pricing

  • WillPower N 50,000.00
  • Update of Will (Codicil) /Trust N 15,000.00 (When UTL Trust Management Services is made Executor/Trustee)
  • Includes

  • Comprehensive legal documents assembled by a team of legal experts with over 50 years of legal experience.
  • Probate Fees in cases of Wills
  • Stamp duty in cases of Trust
  • SMS charges
  • Nation-wide secured delivery of your executed documents – DHL delivery
  • Additional Benefits

  • Secure and encrypted storage facility where UTL Trust Management Services is appointed Executor or Trustee.
  • On request, a physical copy of the executed document can be sent to you where UTL Trust Management Services Limited is appointed Executor or Trustee.
  • Regular reminders to update your Will
  • Life insurance coverage of up to 1 Million naira*
  • Medical insurance coverage of up to 200,000 naira*
  • *applicable for individual Sign-On and 1 year coverage.